Justin is Enjoying His Metal-Free Mouth

Patient Success Story: Justin is Enjoying His Metal-Free Mouth

Fourteen year old, ninth grader, Justin has been a delight from the word go. When he came in for his initial evaluation at our 79 Ave U, Brooklyn, NY office, our doctors diagnosed his case as Class I malocclusion with an increased overjet of around 4-5mm and an 80% overbite. After a round of pre braces scaling and general restorations, his impressions and models were made and a set of x-rays taken. Out of the all the options offered to him, Justin chose to go with the metal braces. Dr Moon and Dr. Oleg Drut bonded the brackets and placed the arch wires as included in Justin’s custom designed plan. Justin’s enthusiasm was perfectly matched by our staff and they provided him with a kit to take care of his teeth and braces.

Now, two years down the line, Justin is ready with his brand new, flawless smile. Just look at his gorgeous smile!   His metal braces have just been removed. In his own words, he is still getting used to not having them anymore! He actually feels weird not having them! Anyway, he has to get used to wearing his retainers till Dr. Oleg Drut feels that his teeth have stabilized in their new positions. Knowing Justin’s ability to be compliant with directions given to him, we are sure this is going to be a cakewalk for him and he will follow our instructions precisely.

Justin is one more customer, who has enjoyed getting a wonderful smile designed for himself by the professionals at Diamond Braces. We are obliged to have him as our patient and look forward to seeing him when he comes in for his post braces follow up visits. We wish him all the best and hope and wish that his new million dollar smile will open new horizons and avenues for him to explore his talents and life.


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