Ksenia Just Completed Her Invisalign Treatment in Brooklyn

Patient Success Stories: Ksenia Just Completed Her Invisalign Treatment in Brooklyn

Twenty six year old photo model, Ksenia has been coming to our Diamond Braces 79 Ave U, Brooklyn, NY office for the past one year for orthodontic treatment. She is under the care of Dr.Oleg Drut, who advised her to undergo invisalign treatment keeping in mind her personal and professional lifestyle. She followed all the instructions given to her with regard to the number of hours she had to wear her invisalign trays and all the special care instructions for the trays as well as her oral hygiene.

Dr. Drut diagnosed her case as Class I malocclusion with an overjet of almost 2mm and a 50% overbite. Such cases are ideal for treatment with invisalign clear aligner therapy and in Ksenia’s case, her treatment has been completed within one year. Clear aligners are esthetic and convenient to wear and maintain. In addition, clear aligners could be removed when eating and brushing resulting in a better oral hygiene and more convenience. Just make sure they are done by professionals. In fact, Diamond Braces is the most  experienced invisalign and clear aligner provider in Tri State Area and earned top 1% of all providers by invisailgn.  Once the orthodontist takes your pictures, x-rays and impressions of your teeth, the data is sent to the invisalign lab, where the aligner molds are created as per Dr. Oleg Drut instructions and supervision.  These clear tray like inserts are to be worn as instructed and replaced with a new set every two weeks. To know more about invisalign you can go through our FAQ section on invisalign.

Ksenia is very happy to be done with her smile correction and is very happy with the results. Just pay attention to her smile. It is a million dollar smile! According to her, she is more confident about her smile now, so she smiles more often. She is also thrilled that her newly acquired smile will definitely be a plus when she pursues her profession as a photo model. Well, we are very happy too and would like to congratulate Ksenia. Her smile is lighting up her eyes and we would like to thank her for being such a good patient and for choosing Diamond Braces as her Invisalign provider.


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