Legrand Starts His Treatment on a Great Note!

Patient Success Story: Legrand Starts His Treatment on a Great Note!

It is always a wonderful feeling to start off on a new journey and Legrand has taken his first step today. His orthodontic treatment with braces has just begun and he is fresh out of the dental chair after finishing with the bonding work. He is being treated by Dr. Santana at our Diamond Braces office on Church Avenue, Brooklyn, New York. Legrand got to know about our expertise in orthodontics from his cousin and he decided to come in for a consultation. He was very impressed with our set-up and staff. More than anything else, he was super impressed with his orthodontist, Dr. Santana’s knowledge, expertise and friendly nature.

Legrand is an 18-year-old student who is studying criminal justice and he loves all sports, modelling, and anything to do with fashion and styling. Since his sense of esthetics is so acute, he is very conscious of the way his teeth appear when he smiles. It is very important for him to have his teeth straightened and his smile corrected. He is eagerly looking forward to having his braces off and his teeth looking all “white and pearly” at the end of his treatment. We are sure Legrand will be pleased with his results. All we ask him to do is follow all the oral hygiene techniques as instructed.

Any new patient is another chance for us to showcase our skills and provide the unique Diamond Braces experience to the customer. The work we do, spreads by word of mouth and we have many patients like Legrand, walking in every day saying they have been referred by someone from their family or friend circle. It is our pleasure to take up such cases. Only when people trust your work will they recommend you. And we have built trust over many years among people by providing them affordable and high quality orthodontic services.


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