Look Who is Smiling Now!

Patient Success Story: Look Who is Smiling Now!

Adisa is fourteen years old and was not very happy with the way his teeth looked. He was conscious about smiling and showing his teeth to others. He heard about Diamond Braces from a friend and immediately decided to come and meet our experts. He consulted Dr. Oleg Drut at our Diamond Braces office at 2848 Church Ave, Suite 201B, Brooklyn, NY 11226. After going through Adisa’s detailed history and taking a few impressions, Dr.Drut advised him to wear braces to correct his misaligned teeth. Adisa agreed and was very enthusiastic in following all the directions and instructions given to him. Now, it is two years since the day he stepped into our office and he is finally happy with his transformed smile. He looks so confident and happy. One has to actually see him to know what a difference the orthodontic treatment has made to Adisa’s personality.

At the end of his treatment, we were eager to know about Adisa’s experience with Diamond Braces and sought his feedback which he was more than happy to share. When we asked him how the new smile would affect his future, he said, “It will improve my confidence and make me look 10x (times) more handsome.” He was also thankful to our staff for providing all the needed support and left a note saying, “Loved the staff. They are very professional and everyone is willing to help and answer all your questions.”

Well, need we say more? Our client’s words are more than enough to make us happy. We like living up to the expectations and high standards that our team is known for and always strive to deliver perfect smiles. We wish Adisa all the best and hope to get more patients like him who are cooperative and who understand that the job we do is really a life changing experience.


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