Mauleen is Excited to Have Her Braces Placed

Patient Success Story: Mauleen is Excited to Have Her Braces Placed

Twelve year old Mauleen walked in with a wish and the staff at the Church Avenue, Brooklyn, NY office is more than happy to oblige. Her wish was to have the spaces or gaps between her teeth closed and have a beautiful smile. Well, these are exactly the cases Dr Moon likes to take up. When the patient is self-motivated, the outcome is also excellent. Mauleen was examined by Dr. Moon and a detailed case study of her dentition, soft tissues, tongue, gums, frenal attachments etc. was done. Her study models and x rays were used to develop a custom treatment plan for her. Apart from the spacing, Dr. Moon also identified a deep overbite that needed correction. All treatment options were explained clearly to Mauleen and she chose to go with the metal braces with different color elastomeric ligature. She surely is making the most of it and is going to flash her colorful smile for the next 20-24 months. She has promised to take good care of her oral hygiene and braces.

Spaces between teeth can look unaesthetic and make one feel shy and conscious about their appearance. Sometimes, spacing also creates functional problems like difficulty in speech and pronunciation. Space closure is relatively easy to achieve and once the overbite is also taken care of, the stability of the treatment is excellent as long as the patient follows all instructions related to any oral habits, retainer use etc. Patient cooperation and compliance is a major factor in deciding if treatment goals will be achieved. All the staff members are waiting to see Mauleen achieve her goal of having a beautiful smile that makes her feel happy, confident and ready to take on the world. A healthy and happy smile is what everyone wants for Mauleen and Dr. Moon is going to make sure that’s what she gets.


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