Melissa Just Had Her Braces Placed

Patient Success Story: Melissa Just Had Her Braces Placed

Melissa was referred by her dentist to our West New York, NJ office. Her teeth were crowded and she had a deep overbite that needed correction. Initially, when she came in with her mother, she was very apprehensive and our staff made sure all her concerns were addresses appropriately. After she was comfortable, Dr. Castronova studied her case and examined her clinically to come up with the best options for her treatment. All the models prepared and x-rays taken were also studied before making final decisions about her treatment plan. More than anything else, Mellisa was concerned about the metal braces hurting her and the whole process being painful. Dr. Castronova handled her with utmost care and gentleness and made sure she knew what to expect at each stage. Right now, she has taken her first step and the metal braces have been bonded onto her teeth. She was really surprised that the whole procedure was painless. Our staff has given her all the information and instructions to tackle any discomfort that she might face till she gets used to the metal braces being in her mouth. As long as she follows all the oral care instructions, she will be able to avoid all the pitfalls of having braces like bad breath, dental decay, gum inflammation etc. Proper care and cooperation from the patient makes a world of difference in making the whole treatment process smooth and fast.

Crowded teeth do not have enough space in the jaw or are too big to be accommodated in perfect alignment in small jaws. This leads to various teeth becoming malposed resulting in a functionally and esthetically unnatural alignment of teeth. It is also difficult to maintain oral hygiene in such cases and it can lead to increased incidence of calculus, caries and soft as well as hard tissue injury. So, it is important that such cases receive orthodontic intervention. Mellisa is already on her way to a beautiful smile and within the next 18-24 months she should be good to go!


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