Mohammed is Done with His Treatment

Patient Success Story: Mohammed is Done with His Treatment

Mohammed is one lucky guy. He had teeth that needed to be fixed as there were multiple issues with his dentition like increased overjet, overbite and crowding. He came and met Dr. Sullivan at the Clifton, NJ Diamond Braces office. This was two years ago and time seems to have flown. He came in at the right time and has been a pleasure to work with. This soccer player was extremely cooperative and followed all the oral care instructions given by the staff. His impressions and x-rays were taken; bites recorded and intra oral and extra oral pictures were taken by our experts. Dr. Sullivan designed a special treatment plan for Mohammed after carefully analyzing all the data, models, pictures and history. Over the past two years, we have seen this freshman at Parsippany High School undergo a transformation. His profile and smile is absolutely perfect now and he has just undergone debonding of his braces and brackets.

Mohammed and all the staff members are delighted with the results and we look forward to seeing Mohammed finish the retention phase of his treatment with equal enthusiasm and joy. Overcrowded teeth are more prone to decay as they are difficult to clean/brush and chances of food impaction are higher. In Mohammed’s case, apart from crowding his increased overjet was also a matter of concern. Since he is an active soccer player, he could have hurt himself badly because of his injury prone profile due to the increased overjet. Dr. Sullivan has done an excellent job of keeping Mohammed’s life style and needs in mind before embarking on his treatment. The results are outstanding and if you look closely at the picture, you can almost sense the joy and pride that Mohammed feels about his association with Dr.Sullivan and his team at Diamond Braces.


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