Mother and Son Duo, Having Great Fun in Hackensack

Patient Success Story: Mother and Son Duo, Having Great Fun in Hackensack

Kimberley has been seeing Dr. Berk for her Invisalign therapy for some time now. She was so impressed with the professional services that she received at the Diamond Braces office in Hackensack, NJ that she decided to bring her eight year old son Mathew too for some interceptive orthodontic treatment. It so happens that Kimberley has just completed her treatment with Invisalign and Mathew is just getting started with his braces. Wow! What a great feeling it must be for mother and son to get treatment at the same place.

Kimberley is smiling much more now and she is very happy with her results. Being an executive manager, Kimberly knows how important is too have a good and confident smile. It was important to Kimberley that her smile appeared more presentable and healthy. She also did not want her braces to have a high visibility quotient. So, Dr. Berk suggested Invisalign therapy. This option met all the criteria that Kimberley had set before she decided to go in for orthodontic treatment. She was highly compliant and followed all instructions about taking care of her trays and teeth. If you see her smile now, you can actually see the remarkable difference that the therapy has made to her smile and teeth.

Mathew has just begun his treatment and we are hoping he will be as compliant and persistent as his mother. Hopefully, he too will be happy and pleased when he sees the difference that our treatment will bring to his dentition and smile. We are sure he is going to find a marked difference in his confidence and smile. We are waiting Mathew for you to complete your treatment with great results!

Both Kimberley and Mathew enjoy coming to our office and the best thing they both love is the Wi-Fi in our office! Hey guys, now we know why the speed dips when you guys visit! Anyway, jokes apart, Kimberley feels it is a great opportunity for her to bond with Mathew and be there for him. We couldn’t say more.


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