Nicolette is Happy to Complete Her Orthodontic Treatment

Patient Success Story: Nicolette is Happy to Complete Her Orthodontic Treatment

Nicolette is a fifteen year old student interested in studying law. She came to our office to consult Dr. Moon last year and we evaluated her case and came to the conclusion that her crowding, increased overbite and excessive protrusion of front teeth were best treated with comprehensive orthodontic therapy. The team got to work under Dr. Moon’s skillful guidance and came up with a treatment plan for Nicolette. Our Diamond Braces office at 2848 Church Ave, Suite 201B Brooklyn, NY 11226 is popular in the area for providing treatment that is affordable without compromising on quality. Nicolette’s metal braces were placed and all instructions regarding oral hygiene, caring for her braces etc. were given to her.

Nicolette was diligent in her oral hygiene routine and took real good care of her braces. After all, the main reason she listed on her records for seeking orthodontic treatment was to straighten her teeth! When a patient sees the same goals as the doctor, the treatment becomes easy and Nicolette was an ideal patient from day one. She was very driven and we are sure someday she is going to make a great lawyer. Now, that her treatment is almost complete and we have removed the braces, Nicolette is very happy. She has promised to follow all instructions when it comes to wearing her retention appliances too and wants to ensure that she qualifies for the Diamond Braces Lifetime Smile Maintenance Guarantee. We would be very glad Nicolette!

Treatment for teenagers requires a lot of skill, patience and expertise as they are still undergoing lots of growth and development. Treatment planning has to be done to accommodate all these changes and if some issue crops up, the orthodontist should be able to makes the necessary changes. Dr. Moon is great at handling such cases and Diamond Braces is the place to come to if you have a teen who needs orthodontic treatment. Nicolette will surely agree with us.


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