Nikita Got What He Wanted – Metal Braces & Perfect Smile!

Patient Success Story: Nikita Got What He Wanted!

Don’t we all wish to look our best at all times? We all do. We work night and day to keep our looks perfect and one of the most important features to complete that brilliant look is a brilliant smile.

When Nikita walked in our Ave U, Brooklyn, NY office, he wished for a splendid smile instead of those crowded teeth and overbite that lowered his spirits to the very core. On meeting him and his parents, we explained that his teeth can be brought into a proper shape and he can smile positively at all times. We laid out a plan in front of his parents  that suited his needs and their budget, and Nikita’s hopes to get that perfect smile.  He was totally up for it and so we started by taken diagnostic records and placing  new metal braces and wires  as the first step in the treatment. He was so excited that he enjoyed every bit of the process and said that he didn’t feel any pain during the whole experience.

Now Nikita believes that he too like others can have that great, perfect looking teeth and can smile confidently in public once the metal braces have worked their magic on his teeth.

But, throughout this time Nikita needs to take very good care of his teeth and braces by keeping them clean at all times. We instructed him to brush twice a day and make sure to reach every part  of his teeth to avoid chances of getting cavity. After the braces were placed, we handed him a package that contains all necessary tools and accessories that he will find useful in case his teeth bother him and we also told him to come back to see us on his regular appointments.

After the metal braces have shifted his teeth in expected direction, we will examine his teeth again and decide the next course of action. For now, Nikita should make the best of this time and relish this first step in attaining that great smile.

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