No More Braces for the Cousins. Braces Are Off!

Patient Success Story: No More Braces for the Cousins. Braces Are Off!

It is always a joy to treat patients when they come in with their own cheerleaders to motivate and challenge them. Mahima and Mathew are cousins living in the Bronx, NY who go to the same school. They came into our Hackensack, NJ office to meet Dr. Jason Berk regarding their treatment. Dr. Berk examined them individually and came up with customized plans for both of them.

Mahima was diagnosed with severe crowding, increased overjet and overbite. Dr. Berk decided to treat her without any extractions and appliances. She had to wear elastics and keep changing them as advised by Dr. Berk. Elastics help to move teeth in ways they cannot be moved by braces alone. Mahima is very glad to have finished treatment which took around two years. This fifteen year old, freshman is waiting to dazzle her girlfriends on the volleyball team with her lovely, new smile. She is also happy that the hardest part of her treatment is over and she doesn’t have to wear her elastics now.

Matthew on the other hand, is a fourteen year old, 8th grade student who loves to play basketball. He too had similar issues with his dentition bite and teeth alignment like his cousin. His had sever crowding of his teeth with increased overjet and overbite. He was also treated by Dr. Berk without any extractions and just with upper and lower metal braces. His treatment plan was modified to suit his case and his treatment was completed in  just18 months.

Our staff was impressed with the way Mahima and Matthew motivated each other to get on with their treatment. They are cheerful, happy cousins who never ceased to amaze us with their bright and beautiful nature. Now that they are done with the first important phase of their treatment, they will move onto the next phase that is the retention phase. Diamond Braces provided cousins with Smile Life Time Guarantees from Diamond Braces. Diamond Braces is the only office in Tri State area to provide this service for our patients.  Of course both will have to wear their retention appliances and keep coming for follow ups till the teeth are set in their new positions. We are waiting to hear their stories about volleyball and basketball.


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