Ocean is On His Way to Getting His Nice Smile

Patient Success Story: Ocean is On His Way to Getting His Nice Smile

Ocean is a 19 year old, customer service rockstar who walked in at our West New York, NJ office to find out if we could give him a “nice smile” as he was unhappy with the excessive spacing between his front teeth. He was referred to our Diamond Braces office at West New York, NJ by the North Hudson Community Action Corporation. After all the preliminary formalities like impressions, history evaluation, x-rays and photographs were completed, Dr. Castronova came up with the best options that would be suitable for treating the spacing issue. Ocean chose to go ahead with the option of metal braces. Once the metal braces were in place, we gave him all the instructions necessary to take care of his braces and teeth. We also gave him a package that contains all the information, tools and accessories needed to follow the strict oral hygiene care routine while under treatment.

Ocean has just begun and would probably have to wear his braces for the 18-24 months and then he can go ahead with the retention appliance phase. Dr. Castronova and the Diamond Braces team at the NJ office is committed to giving Ocean the nicest smile he ever imagined. He is surely going to charm his customers with his smile. He was always a little shy about smiling too much, as he was conscious of how the spaces made his teeth look in front of people. Now, with the braces on and the treatment progressing nicely, Ocean is already smiling a lot to himself. We are there to cheer him on and are waiting for him to get his braces off and walk out of here a happily transformed person who no longer has to be bothered about how his teeth look when he smiles.


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