Patient Testimonials

Best Teeth in the Bronx!

Jonathan has been an exemplary patient throughout his treatment, it has been an absolute pleasure working with him! Read More »

Jealous of Jelani?

Jelani, it has been wonderful having you in the office for the duration of your treatment, however all good things must come to an end. Read More »

Braces Off Feel Great!

We know you are just as excited as we are that your treatment has been completed Hank!! It has been a good time working with you to straighten your teeth exactly how you want them, and we believe the results speak for themselves! Read More »

Tricky Treatment is No Trouble!

Welcome to Diamond Braces Kadesha, we’re glad that you chose to come to us!! We can’t wait to see you in the office more often and just wait until you see what your teeth will be like once we finish with them! Read More »

Shiny Teeth Indeed!

Melanie has been coming to us for quite awhile and we have formed quite the bond with her!! Over the course of her treatment she has been wonderfully compliant, a bright and shining example of the perfect patient!! Read More »

Victorious Straightening!

Victor has been with us for a very long time here in Staten Island, and while we are sorry to see him go, we feel proud of his newly straightened teeth. Read More »

Having a Blast in the Bronx

It has been one of our greatest joys to work with Lakeisha! She is wonderfully bright and silly at the same time, her appointment is always one everyone in the office looked forward to. Read More »

Spring Valley Straightens Out!

It has been wonderful working with Paris throughout her treatment, however all good things must come to an end. Read More »

Braces are Bravery

For some people the idea of getting braces may seem tedious, or some may be worried of being made fun of for having them, some are even afraid of having braces put on. Read More »

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