Patient Testimonials

A Simple Start

For some people the idea of getting braces may seem tedious, or some may be worried of being made fun of for having them, some are even afraid of having braces put on. Read More »

New Beginnings at Avenue U

Each and every case is unique, just as every person who walks through our doors. Moses has decided that meal braces are the right choice for him and it is our distinct pleasure to work with him throughout his treatment. Read More »

Exceeding Expectations!

Here at Diamond Braces our patients are our priority. Each person who walks through our doors is not simply a patient they are also our family, and it is a families job to take care of each other. Read More »

A Real Family Affair

It's a real family affair here at at Diamond Braces, three sisters, Jisell, Jenibell, and Jennifer all came together to get their braces on! Read More »

Seems Like Yesterday at Spring Valley

We know you are just as excited as we are that your treatment has been completed Jasmine!! It has been a good time working with you to straighten your teeth exactly how you want them, and we believe the results speak for themselves! Read More »

Joking Around at Journal Square

Jharell, it has been wonderful having you in the office for the duration of your treatment, your jokes split our sides, however all good things must come to an end. Read More »

Well Cultivated Smile!

What a sensational smile Cecilia! Its been a long road, but with the company we share it seems like we finished our journey in just a day! Read More »

Smooth Sailing in Dekalb

Jayden was a little worried about the process of getting braces because he thought it would hurt, however after a bit of convincing we managed to convey to him the truth. Read More »

Start of Something Beautiful

Today Maria has taken his first step in the journey towards perfect teeth. You can easily see how excited Maria is by her already bright smile before she left the office after getting her braces! Read More »

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