Paul Got His Braces!

Patient Success Story: Paul Got His Braces!

When Paul came to our Church ave office location in Brooklyn NY , he had excessive overbite and crooked teeth overlapping each other. The misalignment and shapeless formation of teeth caused him many problems including difficulty in chewing food and problem in cleaning teeth that obscured each other. He was also facing self-esteem issues as the outward projection of the jaws made him self-conscious in public. Paul also feared considerable growth in the overbite as he still had a long way to reach adolescence, and naturally he wished for some magic to work on his teeth and make them all good in appearance. This was exactly why he came to us and we assured him that his wish can come true by little help from us and some patience from his side.

We started by placing metal braces to redirect teeth in a desired direction and Paul looked happy and satisfied with the process. We also provided him with a little package that contains cleaning tools specifically for his teeth and some supplies that will be helpful in case the braces bother him. It is extremely important to keep the teeth clean while one has got braces as dirty teeth may lead to other problems like cavity and we may have to deal with that as well.

This is just the first step in treatment and after the braces have done their magic, we will decide on the next step which may include giving Paul upper and lower retainers to make sure his teeth will not move over time. For now all Paul needs to do is relax and enjoy this new experience of flaunting a sparkly smile wherever he goes, keep his regular appointment, and to follow all our instructions And of course, to visit his regular dentist every 6 months for a cleaning.  This may take a little to adjust, but we are confident that Paul will be a good patient.  We cannot wait to see Paul again and encourage him to visit us in case he faces any problem with the metal braces. Paul did a great job and was not scared a bit, when metal braces were placed on his teeth. Job Well Done!


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