Robinson Has a Great Smile at Hackensack Orthodontic Office

Patient Success Story: Robinson Has a Great Smile at Hackensack Orthodontic Office


Robinson has been our regular patient for the past two years that she has been wearing braces. She is being treated by Dr. Berk at the 17 Summit Ave, Hackensack, NJ office. She wanted to get her teeth straightened and sought advice from her general dentist. He recommended that she go to the best orthodontic facility in NJ and referred her to Diamond Braces. She too, had heard from others that Diamond Braces was the right place to go to. She ended up making an appointment to see our experts and came and met Dr. Berk one day. He advised metal braces for her and she agreed to go ahead with the treatment immediately.

Finally, sixteen year old Robinson has reached the treatment phase where the braces can be removed but, she has to wear her retention appliance to prevent any relapse. This is again a temporary stage till the teeth stabilize in their new locations. Robinson is so happy  with the way her treatment has shaped up. She could not believe that her teeth could look so beautiful. In her very own words, “Heard a lot of good things about Diamond Braces and very happy with the office and staff. Enjoyed coming here and will miss coming here”. We too are going to miss you Robinson!

Robinson loves music and dancing. Now, with her lovely, new smile she can enjoy dancing with a smile on her face. A beautiful smile can transform the manner in which one perceives him or herself. It adds value to one’s personality and helps bring out the real person hiding behind the not so perfect smile. In Robinson’s case, this was so true. Now that her teeth are in alignment, Robinson can smile all that she wants and dance too!

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