Saba is Very Pleased With His Orthodontic Treatment in Brooklyn

Patient Success Story: Saba is Very Pleased With His Orthodontic Treatment in Brooklyn

Saba was unhappy with the way his teeth and smile appeared. He came to see Dr.Cohen at the Diamond Braces office at 79 Ave U, Brooklyn, NY 11223. When he was examined and evaluated by our staff and doctor, we told him not to worry and promised him a million dollar smile that would make him very happy. He had crowded teeth with increased overjet which made him feel that his smile was unattractive. Well, once Dr. Cohen got to work on Saba’s teeth, there was no looking back. The improvements were visible in leaps and bounds and Saba was excited to see the changes in his smile each time he came in to for his follow up appointment.

Now, two years down the line, Saba has just turned 18 years old and his metal braces have been removed after they have served their purpose. Saba looks like a completely transformed individual and has been smiling away to glory. He says he feels happier, healthier and more confident. He believes the new smile is going to change his lifestyle for the better and he is delighted to be able to smile more often as his teeth look wonderful now. Phew! Need we say more! It delights us that our work is appreciated and has the potential to change so many lives. We are with you Saba and want to see you reach great heights.

Saba is in grade 12 and loves to swim. He feels more positive and confident about himself now and hopefully this new found vigor will help him achieve his academic and sporting dreams. Saba just has to follow the instructions about retention appliance use and very soon his orthodontic issues will be permanently out of the way. Keep smiling Saba, we are here for you.  Just do not forget to visit us. We will miss you.


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