Sabina is a Happy Camper at Ave U Brooklyn Office

Patient Success Story: Sabina is a Happy Camper at Ave U Brooklyn Office

Sixth grader Sabina is a happy 11 year old today. She is just done with her treatment under Dr.Oleg Drut care and guidance at our Ave U, Brooklyn, NY office. When she walked in around 2 years ago, her case looked like it needed a lot of work and now it seems like time just flew. Dr. Oleg Drut diagnosed all the issues with her dentition and came up with a customized, detailed plan to set right her teeth and dental arches. She had severe space deficiency on  her upper and lower arches and her upper canines were fully impacted due to lock of space. She also had excessive overbite and overjet. With so many things that needed to be fixed, Sabina’s case was studied in details and treatment was planned based on her age, growth and requirements. Dr. Drut managed to bring all the teeth in proper positions without any extractions. Sabina and especially her mom both were extremely happy.

Sabina was treated with metal braces on her teeth and now will have to wear retention appliances to make sure the teeth stay in their new and improved position. She likes to swim, sing and dance and is very happy that her treatment is over. In her own words, she feels more confident while smiling and smiles more often now. Dr. Drut had given her very specific instructions about the oral hygiene routine that she needed to maintain and she has done it perfectly. She was also provided with an information package that had all the tools and instructions to help her follow the oral care measures.

Sabina’s is a great success story from our Ave U, Brooklyn, NY Diamond Braces office that we are all very proud of. Providing a service that helps a child feel happy and confident makes us believe and take pride in the empowering nature of our work.


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