Sisterly Love on Staten Island

Patient Success Story: Sisterly Love on Staten Island

We got to see some precious sisterly love at our Staten Island, NY  office when Fatima and Maryam walked in looking excited and hopeful. They had issues with their teeth, which they finally decided to get rid of together.

Fatima, the eldest one is 19 and complains that her teeth don’t look as good as she wishes them to be. On examining closely our doctors reported that she has increased overjet and overbite with moderately crowded lower set and slightly crowded upper set of teeth. We suggested a comprehensive treatment for her, with metal braces as the beginning step in the process. The treatment will also include possible removal of a tooth and the whole procedure may last between 18 to 24 months. Initially she was concerned about the extraction but we assured her that our team of expert doctors specializes in this field and after the entire treatment is over she won’t even feel like she ever had bad looking teeth. Fatima is a college going student, studying biology who knows the importance of looking best at the campus. Her teeth are not only murking her physical appearance but also shadowing down her confidence. She wants a beautiful smile to show the world and be more self-assured in her future endeavors.

The 16 year old Maryam is in 11th grade and she loves to swim and play football. She wants to become a cop someday and so she is not leaving any stone unturned and her first step is to get her deformed teeth in shape. Unlike Fatima she has a much less complex formation with crooked and crowded teeth. Our doctors diagnosed her with increased overjet and overbite and recommended a comprehensive treatment with metal braces as the initial step. She won’t have to deal with extraction unlike her elder sister though, but it will require almost same amount of time.

The two sisters were ready for it and were extremely happy that they were getting the braces together. Their spirits are high and they cannot wait to go out with their braces on and embrace this new experience with open arms. Looking at the sisters we could see how determined they are and how easy it is to go through such treatments with someone so close as your companion. We requested the sisters to take good care of their teeth and come to see us on their regular appointments. They seemed faithful to getting the great smile they want for each other and thus they promised that they would stick to the plan.

We miss you already Fatima and Maryam!

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