Sisters are Getting Braces Together!

Patient Success Story: Sisters are Getting Braces Together!

Maya and Kyla walked in at the Church Ave, Brooklyn, NY office wanting to get their teeth issues like overbite, crowding etc. sorted out. They are sisters who have decided to undergo treatment together and get metal braces.  They are going to be each other’s competitor, supporter and motivator all rolled into one. Wearing braces is sometimes tedious and who better to have than your sister to egg you on to hang in there. They need to take good care for the braces and their teeth. Dr.  Moon examined both Maya and Kyla and ordered some x-rays and other diagnostic records to be made. She studied the findings in detail and has come up with customized treatment plans for both of them based on their individual concerns. They are very enthusiastic about following all the oral care instructions given to them to ensure they do not have to deal with any problems like cavities, mouth ulcers or unpleasant breath during treatment. They have made it very easy for all parties involved by promising to brush and take care of their braces to the best of their ability.

Dr. Moon has promised both of them lovely smiles and they can’t wait to see how their treatment plans out. The best part is both of them got their braces on the same day and we need to see if they can manage to have them off on the same day too. Looks like quite a few bets are going to be placed on that! Maya and Kyla have begun their journey of getting their teeth set right and hopefully, this journey will be a pleasant, comfortable one for them. It is very important to have teeth and gums in a harmonious relationship with their surrounding structures and tissues. Not only does this help to maintain oral health and hygiene, it also helps in injury and trauma free functioning of all the structures.


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