Thameen and His Radiant Smile

Patient Success Story: Thameen and His Radiant Smile

Our face is the first thing people see when they see us and we want it to be flawless. This is why Thameen visited us at our Ave U Brooklyn NY office to get that brilliant smile he wished for himself. He first came here two years ago with overbite and crowded teeth which consistently affected his self-esteem in a negative way.

We handled his case by giving him metal braces to bring his teeth in uniformity and you can see the wonderful effect right here in this picture. His confidence has improved many folds and he is doing much better in school. Of course one performs lot better when they don’t have any concerns about their looks and are totally satisfied by their appearance. Thameen not just cooperated during his treatment but also followed our instructions well throughout this time by taking good care of his teeth and keeping his appointments, and we can see that the results are pretty marvelous.

Now Thameen’s braces are off and he cannot wait to get back to school and dazzle it in front of everyone. In fact, we are almost confident that he can become a dentist, after all is wonderful experience with us, isn’t that wonderful? The braces have made a remarkable difference and all Thameen needs to do is come back to us every 6 months for his retainers check-up which will ensure his teeth remain in shape. It is important to keep the retainers clean as instructed in order to avoid any unwanted issues with it, which we are sure Thameen will as he totally wishes to maintain the best for his teeth. We also referred him to his regular dentist for a complete dental check-up. Thameen looked happy and satisfied and is already flaunting his smile around. We are super excited for his new journey and wish him all the great luck with his future plans of becoming a dentist. Way to go Thameen and Happy New 2016 Year!


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