Turell is Doing and Feeling Great

Patient Success Story: Turell is Doing and Feeling Great

Sixteen year old Turell came to our Church Ave, Brooklyn, NY office with the spacing between his teeth in the upper and lower jaws that really bothered him. On closer examination, Dr. Santana also found out that his upper, left canine was stuck in the bone. Impressions of his teeth and soft tissues were recorded. Study models were prepared to figure out the best way to bring all the teeth in alignment. X-rays were also studied to know the exact condition of the canine that as embedded in bone. All this data was then analyzed to come up with a made to order treatment plan for Turell.  Metal braces were placed on his upper teeth first in August, 2014 and the canine was brought in to alignment in the upper arch in August, 2015. Braces on his lower teeth have been placed during his most recent visit in December, 2015 and he is almost done with his treatment. Turell is doing really well and the treatment is progressing as planned.

The quick and wonderful job by Dr. Santana and Dr. Moon has had a powerful and positive impact on Turell. He is extremely glad that his smile looks awesome without any spaces between his teeth. Guiding the embedded canine into its correct position was functionally and esthetically necessary.  Turell has done so well, so far because he has complied with all the care instructions given to him by the staff.  He has maintained his oral hygiene and co-operated with the staff to make his story a real success. So, the real hero is our smart, young man who has a brand new smile to flash.  Such success stories are a regular feature at our Church Ave  Brooklyn office and everyday it is a pleasure to know that our work has touched lives and transformed smiles by the dozens. Turell is waiting to walk out of here with his new smile very soon and everyone is cheering for him.


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