Uliana Just Got Her Invisalign Treatment Completed in Brooklyn

Patient Success Story: Uliana Just Got Her Invisalign Treatment Completed in Brooklyn

Uliana came to us with severely crowded teeth in her upper and lower dental arches. She walked into our Diamond Braces facility at 79 Ave U, Brooklyn, NY and consulted Dr. Oleg Drut, who advised her about the necessity of orthodontic treatment at the earliest and have her teeth straightened. She was not sure she wanted to have a metallic smile with metal braces at age twenty seven. So, Dr. Drut came up with a customized treatment plan with invisalign for her. Dr. Oleg Drut is a top 1% of the most experienced invisalign providers in the country.

Invisalign therapy is a wonderful and innovative way of straightening teeth without having to wear the all too conspicuous metal braces. The aligners are removable and even when you wear them, they are hardly visible. Once you get used to them in the mouth, you hardly notice them while talking or smiling. They are more comfortable to wear and easy to clean/ maintain than metal braces. The treatment success with invisalign therapy is dependent on the expertise of the orthodontist and the patient compliance. With Dr. Oleg Drut and Uliana working together perfectly like a team, it was a cakewalk in Uliana’s case.

Uliana had to wear the aligners for almost two years. Now, her teeth have come into their proper positions and Dr. Oleg Drut has moved her to the next phase of her therapy that requires her to wear retainers till her teeth get permanently anchored in their new positions. Uliana is delighted with her new smile and has told us that now she has more confidence while smiling, talking and clicking pictures. She is so happy with the results that she has started clicking more pictures of herself. It is always a pleasure to see such positive changes in our patients. We share Uliana’s enthusiasm and excitement and are proud that our work transforms so many people’s smiles.


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