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How to get Braces with no Insurance

It is possible to get braces or Invisalign without insurance – you’ll just pay out of pocket. There are many ways to do this affordably, so you can achieve a beautiful, healthy smile for a price you really can pay for.

In this video, Diamond Braces Chief Clinical Officer and orthodontist Dr. Oleg Drut explains what to look for if you’ll be paying for your braces without insurance coverage.

How to Find Braces Options Without Insurance

Most orthodontic providers offer braces treatments without needing insurance coverage. However, their out-of-pocket prices are not the same. Don’t feel embarrassed about shopping around for different prices: get several quotes from different orthodontists to find out what makes sense for you.

One important thing to check: what is included in the price? One price be significantly lower, but may not include important parts of treatment, such as x-rays, follow-up care, or retainers. All of these are required part of treatment, so you may have to pay for them on top of the fixed price, which could end up costing you more. Always be sure to investigate what’s in the price before you decide on a provider.

Price matters, but so does effectiveness: after all, would you rather pay $4,000 for a treatment that doesn’t last, or $5,000 for a treatment that lasts a lifetime?

Be sure to read reviews! Many brands of braces offer seemingly impressive treatment, but customers were unhappy with the results or disliked working with the company. Reading honest reviews is a great way to see what others are saying about the treatment provider you are considering.

Some Braces Treatments Cost Less Than Others

Each kind of braces treatment has different prices, as well: clear aligners like Invisalign tend to cost more than metal braces, for instance. If you are trying to straighten your cheap for as little as possible, metal braces may be your best option: they also tend to straighten the teeth the fastest, which can also save you money.

Some providers offer expedited clear aligners for mild cases, so if you are hoping for invisible braces, ask about these programs.

Payment Programs Make Paying for Braces Easy!

Braces are an investment in your health, your confidence, and your happiness! But that investment doesn’t need to strain your finances.

Most orthodontic specialists offer some form of payment plan that allow you to divide your orthodontic care costs into monthly payments or installments. Some providers require a down payment, but many allow you to start paying monthly from the beginning with $0 down.

When you are looking at prices, ask about payment plans as well. Some questions to ask: what are the lowest monthly payment options? Is a down payment required? Is there an interest rate? Do I have to pay in a certain amount of time?

Some providers even offer a care credit card, which functions similarly to a credit card but allows you to pay your healthcare costs more easily.

The more you know, the better! These tips will all help you pay for your braces or Invisalign – even without dental insurance. By making an informed choice on your orthodontic provider and the right treatment for your condition and budget, you’ll be on your way towards smile joy soon!