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Invisalign Medicaid for NY and NJ

Medicaid does indeed cover orthodontics, however you must be under the age of 21 to be within the bounds of coverage. If you have a child under the age of 21 who you wish to procure Medicaid for then you may visit any free standing orthodontic facility for a consultation. From here, the orthodontist will take photos and impressions of the child’s teeth and these will be sent to the doctor employed by the state management plan and they will determine whether or not the procedure is medically necessary as per state guidelines. If the patient does not meet the criteria and is denied, the orthodontic facility you visited may be able to send an appeal to overturn that decision. If no matter what it ends in a denial however, do not be disheartened, most practices offer affordable payment plans with a deposit that will allow you to undergo treatment while paying bit by bit. If you are instead approved by state Medicaid however, then you will be allowed to get standard Metal Braces. Medicaid does not allow for cosmetic treatments such as Invisalign as it is not deemed medically necessary, and it is illegal to attempt to pay extra for such a benefit.