What Can I Eat the First Day Wearing Braces?

Hi, I’m Dr. Papasikos. The question of the day is “what can I eat the first day when I get my braces?” So this is a common question we get.

You have to remember to follow the proper diet in order to maximize the benefit of your treatment. You shouldn’t eat certain foods that are hard, sticky, or crunchy. We talk about popcorn, peanuts, eating meat off the bone, sticky chewy candy, and gum. These are the type of things that can damage or break your braces. You also have to remember that the first day or two with your braces your teeth may be sore. Some people get more soreness than others so you want to stick to a soft diet for the first day or two until you adapt to the braces. Once the soreness goes away you can start eating your regular diet. So remember follow these rules in order to get in and out of braces in the shortest amount of time. Thanks for your question and have a great day.

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