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What is the Youngest Age to Get Braces?

There isn’t an exact answer to this question. Everyone’s mouth is unique, and all children lose their baby teeth and grow adult teeth at different paces. However, it’s important to get early orthodontic evaluations to decide whether future braces are necessary.

In this video, Diamond Braces Chief Clinical Officer Dr. Oleg Drut explains more about early orthodontic care.

What is the Right Age to Begin Braces?

There is no right age for braces: each child’s case is unique, so the treatment will be tailored and timed for their dental condition and dental development. However, it’s important to start orthodontic evaluation early for the treatment to have the best effect.

According to the American Association of Orthodontists, children should begin seeing an orthodontic specialist by age 7. They should begin seeing a dentist within their first year, and the dentist will generally refer children to an orthodontist by 7 years old.

This doesn’t mean braces treatment will begin at 7 years old. Instead, your child’s orthodontist will evaluate their case, take x-rays to determine the growth development of teeth, and assess whether early intervention might be useful, such as spacers or a growth palette, to ensure the adult teeth grow in as close to correct alignment as possible.

For children with a crossbite or a thumb-sucking habit, these early orthodontic interventions can be critical to reducing the length of orthodontic treatment, or in some cases eliminating it all together.

These early orthodontic treatments are usually short and low-maintenance, but can have large effects on the health and lifetime of your child’s smile! They help support correct jaw and tooth development, at a time where the changes are the most effective due to growing bones.

Braces Treatment Begins When Adult Teeth Grow in

Once most of the adult teeth have grown in, your child will be ready for braces. If they’ve already had early orthodontic care or regular visits with the orthodontist, it will maximize the effectiveness of the braces treatment and ensure a lifetime of healthy smiles!

If you are curious about your child’s oral health and whether they will need braces, consult your dentist about a referral or schedule a visit with a local orthodontist. They will take a close look at your child’s teeth, usually including x-rays, and let you know what the best steps are to protect your child’s teeth and set them up for a lifetime of beautiful, healthy smiles.