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What Type of Toothpaste Should I Use With Braces?

This is a common question and it’s important to practice proper oral hygiene with your braces. This includes brushing, flossing and using the proper toothpaste. Toothpaste should contain fluoride. If you use regular over-the-counter toothpaste like Colgate, Crest, and other name brands, they will have fluoride in them.

Fluoride is an important component of tooth strength and healing. The fluoride can help strengthen teeth so they are less susceptible to being eaten away by acid, food, and bacteria. If you use a toothpaste with fluoride in it then you should be fine.

You will be fine with Floride, but let's look into some specifics about what can help or hurt your teeth. When you guy to buy toothpaste, you're going to see plenty of brands that offer all kinds of flavors and ingredients. Each toothpaste has a different goal, some whiten, some freshen, and some deal with sensitive teeth. 

Depending on what your needs are, you will have to make the decision that works best for you. But most of the time these products do not include any information about how they interact with braces. 

Here's everything you need to know about keeping your teeth clean while wearing your braces.

Do you need special toothpaste for braces?

NO. There is no special toothpaste that is specifically for braces. But one thing that you need to keep your teeth clean and strong is Fluoride. Having Flouride in your toothpaste will ensure you are getting the very best protection for your teeth. Do not assume that just because the water you brush your teeth is enough Flouride, you need the additional amount from your toothpaste to ensure full cleaning. 

10 Brands that include Flouride

  • Crest
  • Sensodyne
  • Arm & Hammer
  • Colgate
  • Parodontax

Tartar control is a must

Tartar control is a no brainer when it comes to your toothpaste. Since Flouride is a given, you can easily find products that contain both Flouride and Tartar control. Tartar is a nasty substance that is essentially the build-up of plaque over time. The consistent growth of this plaque can lead to tooth decay and, in serious cases, periodontal disease. Removing Tartar is essential to keeping a healthy smile. Definitely consider including it in your next toothpaste purchase. 

Can you use whitening toothpaste with braces?

Teeth whitening toothpaste is a definite no while you're wearing braces. Metal and ceramic braces will be covering part of your teeth while you're wearing braces. If the uncovered part of your teeth becomes whiter, then when you get your braces off the color of your teeth will be uneven.

Think of it like getting a tan line. The part of your skin that's covered doesn't get any sun, leaving you two-toned. This is the same effect when whitening your teeth while wearing braces.