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Tips For Picking The Best Color For Your Braces


When most people think of braces, the first thing that comes to mind usually isn’t their color. Our clients are always pleasantly surprised when they find out their braces come with a customizable color selection. Picking your own colors gives you some choices regarding how your smile is going to look for the duration of your treatment. And don’t worry, you can change your colors at any time. 

Whether you want to complement your skin tone or get festive with your look, braces colors can be used to help you feel confident until your braces are ready to come off. Here's how to choose the perfect color.



Best Braces Colors For Guys

What we usually see for guys is their color selection is usually darker. Whether it’s a dark blue or dark green, guys usually prefer colors that don’t necessarily stand out. However, we do see some clients get colors that match their favorite sports team. This can lead to a variety of different color combinations that make sense for sports fans.

Best Braces Colors for Girls

Girls usually go for lighter colors like pink, light red or light blue/green. They also tend to have a sense of what colors match the best with their usual outfits or eye color. Braces that match your favorite or most used colors will make your overall appearance more congruent and stylish. Skin tone also plays an important factor in picking your braces.

Your skin tone can be easily complimented by the color of your braces.

For example, if you have dark or olive skin, bright jewel tones like turquoise, gold, violet or navy work well. Fairer skin is usually best matched with cooler colors like silver, blue, light pink, or lilac. Some clients would rather focus on matching their braces with their outfits, but by matching them with your skin tone you give yourself a wider selection of colors you can wear. 

Braces Colors for Adults

For adults, braces can be more of a challenge. They may be worried that it will look immature for them to have braces. This simply isn’t true.

Taking care of your teeth will have long-lasting benefits for the rest of your life. If anything, it shows that you are self-confident enough to wear something on your teeth for the long term benefit of a perfect smile.

Choosing colors is no different for adults. However, we would recommend moving away from some of the more festive colors and going for a standard black, silver, or a color that matches your eyes. You don’t necessarily want your braces to stand out if you work in a professional environment. And of course, if you don’t like a color you can get them changed asap. 

Picking the Wrong Color for Your Braces

Picking the color of your braces can be tricky, there are many colors that can give people the wrong impression. Having green, black, or brown colors can sometimes be confused with food that has gotten stuck in your teeth.

Avoid yellow or orange bands because in some cases they can make your teeth look yellow and stained. What is also a risky choice because it will contrast against your teeth which are likely not 100% white because nobody’s really are. Darker colors are usually your best bet. If you are not sure how your selections of colors will look, you can always talk to your orthodontist for the best advice.

Braces Color Combinations and Ideas

People choose their colors for a variety of different reasons. Some people choose based on mood, a holiday, and even their schools colors. Since you can change your bands every four to six weeks. Here are some fun ideas to try:

  • Alternating school colors
  • Red and green for Christmas
  • Orange and black for Halloween
  • Red, white and blue for the summer
  • The colors of your favorite sports team
  • Ask about glow-in-the-dark bands that look clear in the day but shine neon green at night!

How do you know what color braces to get?

Even with all the information laid out above, you may still be wondering which colors you should get for yourself. Maybe the best option for you will be to test out a bunch of different colors! It’s easy for your doctor to change the bands on your braces, you simply have to make an appointment.

Pick a color you think you’ll like, maybe something simple like a dark blue or light pink. Then, go home and try on some clothes that you usually wear to school or work. Look at yourself in the mirror to see if the colors you chose for your braces match up with the rest of your look. 

You can also pick in terms of your other features like eye color. If you have blue eyes, try getting blue braces. The two colors will compliment each other and give you a more complete look. Avoid brown even if you have brown eyes because the bands may get confused for food which is stuck in your teeth. 

Braces and Proper Care

No matter how great your color combination is, you still have to make sure you are taking proper care of your teeth. Your orthodontist will give you tips for keeping your braces clean and intact, such as avoiding sticky foods, brushing twice daily and flossing. Consider investing in a high-quality toothbrush to make sure you do the best job possible every time you brush. Keeping your teeth clean will also ensure that the colors you selected stay clean as well. 

Braces don't need to cramp your style. In fact, with the right color choices, your braces can actually enhance your look until you're ready to reveal your perfect grin. Choose carefully, and you'll be ready to show the world your smile long before your braces come off.

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