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Important Information Regarding Diamond Braces’ Response to Coronavirus/COVID-19

Orthodontic Emergencies

If you are experiencing a dental emergency, contact Diamond Braces using the following options:

How to Contact Diamond Braces: New & Existing Patients

To ensure we can provide world-class service to all our Diamond Braces patients, please direct your communication using the guide below.

For Existing Patients – General Questions

If you have questions about your continued orthodontic care, billing/insurance, or other general info:

For New Patients

Diamond Braces is still accepting new patients! Schedule a complimentary consultation to meet with a Diamond Braces dental professional and discuss treatment options.

Remote, Secure Video Conference Appointments Available: Talk to Diamond Braces from Home

We’re still committed to your AAA orthodontic care, even from home! If you have questions about your braces or clear aligners, have concerns about your treatment, or want to schedule an initial consultation, simply select an appointment for a secure, remote video conference appointment with a Diamond Braces dental professional.

This service is offered at no cost to patients, new and existing.

Your privacy will be thoroughly protected on our secure, one-to-one video calls.

Schedule a remote video consultation with a Diamond Braces provider today!

FAQ’s for Orthodontic Care While Staying at Home

With some of our offices temporarily closed during the Coronavirus outbreak, we are doing everything we can to offer you world-class orthodontic care from afar. You can schedule a video conference appointment at no cost any time, and meet with a Diamond Braces provider who can address any questions or concerns. New patients can also schedule initial consultations via secure video conference at no cost.

These Frequently Asked Questions offer guidance on many of the common situations you might encounter with your braces or Invisalign.

If you have an immediate question, you can call our main office number at (201) 308-8181 for assistance.

If you have a medical emergency, please call 911 or visit your nearest emergency room.

Q: I have a fever and/or a dry cough and I don’t feel well.

A: Please seek medical attention immediately. Call your medical doctor for instructions. If you think you may have been exposed to the Coronavirus, find more information from the CDC here.

Q: I have braces on now. What should I do?

A: Your braces treatment is still working, even with the disruption of routine! We will contact all patients to schedule visits as soon as the situation clears with Coronavirus. For now, continue keeping your braces clean, brushing and flossing regularly, and remember to avoid hard foods that could damage your braces. Learn more about at-home braces care with this helpful article. And this video also answers many common questions.

Q: What should I do if I run out of rubber bands?

A: Finish out the remaining rubber bands normally and then stop; don’t reuse bands. Your treatment will still progress without them!

Q: A braces wire or bracket is poking out, and it is irritating my gums and/or cheeks.

A: Don’t panic: this is a common situation and will not impact the effectiveness of your treatment! This video instructs you on what to do if your braces are irritating your mouth. If it’s still an issue, you can text our emergency hotline at (631) 517-0577 or send an email to You can also schedule a video conference appointment to consult with a Diamond Braces dental professional.

Q: My retainer broke/got lost but your office is closed. What should I do?

A: Breakage can happen. Remember, with Diamond Braces, if you are a patient, you’re covered for life! When we re-open we’ll get you in for a visit to get a new retainer. If your teeth have shifted, we can apply braces for a short period and then provide you with a new retainer.

Q: A bracket broke on my braces.

A: If the loose bracket isn’t bothering you or causing pain, then it can stay as it is until we re-open. If you have concerns, schedule a secure video conference and a Diamond Braces provider can examine and consult.

Q: I have Invisalign: what should I do if I run out of aligners?

A: Don’t panic: your progress will not be seriously impacted by a short-term interruption. Use your last pair of aligners at night only until we re-open and can bring you in for an appointment. Your teeth will not start to shift back as long as you wear your most recent aligners at night.

Q: What should I do if I run out of rubber bands?

A: Finish out the remaining rubber bands normally and then stop; don’t reuse bands. Your treatment will still progress without them!

Q: I lost my Invisalign aligners.

A: Your Invisalign is covered for life; we’ll bring you in when we re-open to fit you with a new pair and get your treatment back on track. Watch this video for more information about what to do if you lose an aligner.

Q: My aligners no longer fit/they are irritating my mouth.

A: This video can help you address irritation from ill-fitting aligners. However, if they are no longer comfortable, stop wearing them. We’ll bring you back in for a visit when we re-open to fit you with new aligners.

Q: My attachment/button broke.

A: If your broken attachment does not interfere with wearing your aligners, then continue wearing as prescribed and we can fix the attachment at a later date. If a button breaks, stop wearing your rubber bands and continue wearing aligners as prescribed. Your aligners will still work. You can also text our emergency hotline at (631) 517-0577 or send an email to You can also schedule a video conference appointment to consult with a Diamond Braces dental professional.

Q: Can my new aligners be shipped to me?

A: In certain cases, we may be able to ship new aligners to your home. Please schedule a secure video conference so we can determine if you may qualify for shipped aligners remotely.

Q: I feel my teeth shifting and I’m concerned.

A: Schedule a secure video conference to discuss. While an interruption of orthodontic care is not ideal, a short-term break will not cause any lasting damage to your teeth, and will simply pause your progress.

Q: I want to start treatment but your office is closed.

A: We are still accepting new patients! You have several options.

  • You can call our main office at (201) 308-8181 and a representative will schedule a future appointment for you. You can also book online at

  • You can schedule a secure video conference, where you can meet a dental professional, discuss treatment options, and begin paperwork. Schedule a remote consultation today!

Q: I have questions about my payments or insurance.

A: To reach one of our insurance and financial specialists, call (201) 308-8181 and press 5.

Q: I have a dental emergency but I am not your patient. Can you help?

A: Yes. In order to support our community, we are offering secure, remote video conference appointments at no cost for both existing patients and outside patients. If you have a dental emergency and need assistance, schedule a secure video conference to consult with a Diamond Braces provider. Your privacy is entirely protected in our secure one-to-one calls. If you have a medical emergency, please seek assistance from your medical doctor.

Q: If I lose my insurance due to unexpected job loss, what should I do?

A: Diamond Braces is committed to helping all our patients afford braces & Invisalign. We will work with you to ensure continuity of care, including lowered monthly payments, assistance with navigating new insurance, and grace periods while you adjust your financial situation. We are dedicated to the communities we serve, and we understand this is an uncertain time for many families.

Q: When will your closed offices re-open?

A: We will re-open our closed offices as soon as it is safe and responsible to do so. Due to uncertainty around the Coronavirus situation, we can’t say exactly when that will be, but we will continue to update patients with any new information. Our call center will remain open: you can call (201) 308-8181 at any time to speak with a Diamond Braces representative, and schedule a secure video conference appointment at any time to consult with a Diamond Braces dental professional at no charge.

Q: Do you do mail-order aligners? Can I do that instead of Invisalign?

A: Due to the serious risks associated with at-home aligners, we do not treat patients remotely. Fixing your teeth without the supervision of a real licensed orthodontist can have serious consequences for your teeth and overall health. If you would like to discuss clear aligner therapy, schedule a remote video conference with a Diamond Braces dental professional, and when the office re-opens, we can start you right away on safe, healthy, and effective clear aligners under proper supervision!

Diamond Braces’ Response to COVID-19

We Are Working Hard to Keep You Safe

At Diamond Braces, our greatest priority is the health and safety of our patients, our team members and their families.

We are proud to continue serving our community during the COVID-19 outbreak, providing world-class orthodontic care and keeping your family safe, healthy, and smiling.

We Are Working Hard to Keep You Safe

To continue serving our patients with world-class orthodontic care under new health and safety regulations, Diamond Braces is offering remote appointments via video conferencing. All existing patients and new consultations can schedule an appointment using this scheduling link. This virtual system can be used for emergency orthodontic management or regular consultation.

  • This video conferencing service is being offered at no cost to patients, and your privacy will be protected in our secure, one-to-one video calls.

  • You’ll meet with a Diamond Braces dental professional, who can answer questions, check your progress, and offer guidance on your treatment.

  • We are also accepting new consultations via video conference! Schedule an initial, complimentary remote consultation to get started on your smile journey.

Diamond Braces Adheres to Rigorous Standards of Hygiene and Sterilization

As a licensed, experienced orthodontic practice, we operate under extremely high levels of sterility.

We follow all health and safety recommendations of the Centers for Disease Control & Prevention, as well as specific recommendations for dental offices from the American Dental Association

Some of our sterility and safety measures:

  • Maximum infection control: frequent & thorough handwashing, increased rotation of clean masks and gloves, and disinfecting of all surfaces in treatment rooms, receptions areas, and consultation areas.

  • Frequent disinfecting and cleaning throughout the office during the day.

  • Remote video conference appointment option at no cost to patients.

  • Screening all patients and visitors for potential exposure to and/or symptoms of Coronavirus.

  • Screening all employees for potential exposure to and/or symptoms of Coronavirus.

  • Measuring body temperature of all patients upon arrival.

  • Limiting the number of patients and families in reception area.

  • Maintaining open communication with patients, families, and the community at all times.

Pre-screening Patients Will Help Us Keep Everyone Healthy

  • Patients exhibiting any symptoms of Coronavirus (including cough, fever, or shortness of breath) should wait to schedule an appointment. If you are experiencing a medical emergency, contact your medical doctor and/or visit a local emergency room.

  • Upon arrival to the office, we will be asking patients about their health status. Pre-screening patients and staff will help to keep our community safe.

  • In case of a dental emergency, email us at, or text our emergency hotline: (631) 517-0577.

Together, We Can Take Steps to Limit the Spread of Coronavirus

In a public health situation like Coronavirus, is important that we all take the necessary steps to decrease the spread of illness.

The following directives are from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

What can you do to keep your community safe?

  • Wash hands frequently and vigorously. Scrub with soap and water for 20 seconds (about the time to sing Happy Birthday twice!), dry thoroughly with paper towel or hand drier. Wash hands after touching public surfaces like door handles and elevator buttons.

  • Hand sanitizer is also effective (make sure it is at least 60% alcohol)

  • Avoid touching your face/eyes/mouth with unwashed hands

  • Cough/sneeze into tissue or elbow. Wash hands immediately for 20 seconds.

  • Stay home if you are sick: Coronavirus is highly contagious, and is also more dangerous for those with other illnesses. Limit spread of illness by staying home while you are sick.

  • Social distancing: avoid gatherings of people. Stay home as much as possible, and limit physical contact, especially with people who are ill.

  • If you are sick, wear a face mask. If you are not sick, leave the face masks for those who really need them: those who are ill, and healthcare professionals!

  • Clean and disinfect frequently: clean your home and work spaces regularly, especially those surfaces that are frequently touched: doorknobs, light switches, faucets, etc.

Diamond Braces is a Part of Your Community, And We’re Working Hard to Keep You Safe and Smiling!

For the past 20 years, Diamond Braces has been committed to providing world-class orthodontic care with friendly, local service. We’ve helped over 100,000 achieve wonderful, healthy smiles with braces and Invisalign.

We’re working tirelessly to keep you safe and informed during the COVID-19 situation, while we continue to provide you and your family with world class orthodontic care, and healthy, beautiful smiles to last a lifetime!

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