Diamond Braces Lifetime Smile Maintenance Guarantee

If you are a patient of Diamond Braces from start to finish, you may qualify for our exclusive maintenance program. Once the active phase of your comprehensive orthodontic treatment is completed, your retainers are inserted, and your ideal smile has been achieved, post-orthodontic care will be very important to maintaining your results. Diamond Braces offers the Lifetime Smile Maintenance Guarantee to make sure you are never dissatisfied with your new smile.

How do I quality for the Lifetime Smile Maintenance program?

In order to qualify for the Lifetime Smile Maintenance program, you must schedule and keep post-treatment visits at the following intervals:

  • 1st visit: 6 months after removal of the orthodontic appliances
  • 2nd visit: 12 months after removal of the orthodontic appliances
  • 3rd visit: 18 months after removal of the orthodontic appliances
  • 4th visit: 24 months after removal of the orthodontic appliances
Please note: all of the visits above are complimentary to you and absolutely free.

In addition to keeping all of your post-treatment retainer checkups, you must follow the at-home care guide delivered to you when your active phase of treatment was completed. Any relapse resulting from not wearing or caring for your retainers as per the instructions in your guide will disqualify you from the Program.

Once you have successfully completed the 4th post-treatment checkup at your local Diamond Braces office, with no noted relapse by the orthodontist, you will officially qualify for the Lifetime Smile Maintenance program. As a program member, you will be eligible to receive orthodontic care from Diamond Braces if needed for any reason, and will have access to an exclusive rate for members only. That means you will never have to worry about having to pay a full case fee for retreatment – ever! Whether you find yourself in need of full or limited orthodontic care, and no matter the reason, all you will ever have to pay is a small monthly service charge of $150. Any radiographs or other records needed will be at no cost to you. Installation and removal of metal braces will be at no cost to you. For just $150 each month of treatment, we will provide full orthodontic care until you are satisfied with your smile again. No need to worry about financing a new treatment or making a down payment – just easy, hassle-free access to the results you want.

Additional information: Please note that a new set of retainers, clear braces, or Invisalign will be at an additional cost, as these are not covered under the Lifetime Smile Maintenance program.

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