Overjet Correction with Braces & Invisalign

What is excessive overjet?

The term overjet refers to the space between your upper and lower teeth at the front of your mouth. Ideally, this space is minimal, usually only just enough to let the front upper teeth rest comfortably in front of the bottom teeth. However, for some people there is a significant distance between the upper and lower teeth, which is called excessive overjet. This is often the result of thumb sucking or crowded teeth that push forward over time. At Diamond Braces, our orthodontists can help you transform your smile to a more comfortable and aesthetically pleasing look with a variety of overjet teeth correction options, including Invisalign for overjet.

What causes excessive overjet?

Excessive overjet is usually caused by one or more of the following factors:

  • Thumb sucking
  • Overusing pacifiers
  • Overcrowding of teeth
  • Skeletal abnormalities
  • Mouth arch size

What are the signs of excessive overjet?

Those who have excessive overjet might experience some of the following signs. Book an appointment with one of our experts at Diamond Braces if you experience any of the following symptoms of excessive overjet:

  • Speech issues
  • Difficulty biting or chewing
  • Abnormal alignment of teeth
  • Discomfort when eating
  • Irregular facial appearance

How is excessive overjet diagnosed?

If you suffer from any of the above symptoms of excessive overjet, an orthodontist at Diamond Braces can give you an accurate diagnosis for excessive overjet during a routine dental exam at one of our many local office locations. Your appointment will involve examining your teeth as well as your mouth structure, and may also require x-rays in some cases. Once you have been diagnosed with excessive overjet, your orthodontist will recommend the best treatment options for you as well as walk you and your family through your next steps.

Can excessive overjet lead to other complications?

Excessive overjet often gives patients less confidence with their smile. Furthermore, if it is left uncorrected it could lead to a number of other possible complications, including:

  • Poor self-esteem
  • Speech impediments
  • Irregular jawline or facial structure
  • Inability to chew or bite properly
  • Temporomandibular joint dysfunction (TMJ)
  • Poor sleep quality

How is excessive overjet treated?

If you have been diagnosed with excessive overjet, visit Diamond Braces to learn about your options for treating your condition and correcting your smile. Our experienced orthodontists offer a wide variety of orthodontic treatment options for correcting excessive overjet.

Some of the treatment options we offer for overjet correction include:

If you are experiencing symptoms of excessive overjet, contact us at Diamond Braces today. We’ll work with you and your family to correct your overjet and get you back to smiling. Call 201.308.8181 to learn more or fill out the form on this page to schedule an appointment now.

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