Braces and Invisalign for Gaps Between Teeth

What causes a gap between teeth?

Our mouths are all unique, with different tooth sizes, spacing, and alignment. Some people have teeth that are too large and cause overcrowding, and others have teeth that fit just right. For some, teeth come in spaced too far apart and create what is called a gap between teeth. These gaps are usually caused by:

  • Natural skeletal development
  • Extra teeth
  • Missing teeth
  • Small teeth
  • Large jawbone

Gaps between front teeth are especially common and can be adjusted by an orthodontist at Diamond Braces through various modes of treatment.

Can gapped teeth cause other problems?

Sometimes, a gap between teeth will resolve on its own over time, especially if the gap occurs in a young child. In those cases, the gap is probably only noticeable because the child is still waiting on adult teeth to fully grow in and push teeth together. However, in other cases, gaps might not resolve on their own and can even lead to other potential problems, which may include:

  • Self-esteem issues
  • Misaligned teeth
  • Inability for new teeth to grow in properly

What are the best treatment options to fix gaps in teeth?

Gapped teeth are easy to correct at Diamond Braces, where we offer a wide variety of orthodontic treatment options for correcting the full range of tooth alignment issues, including Invisalign for gaps. Some of the treatment options we can provide to close gaps in teeth include:

If you have an unwanted gap between teeth or are looking for a treatment option to close gaps in teeth, contact us at Diamond Braces today. We’ll work with you and your family to correct your gaps between teeth and help you achieve a confident, healthy smile. Call 201.308.8181 to learn more or fill out the form on this page to schedule an appointment now.

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