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Success Stories

A Group Effort in Madison

Congratulations to both Bryan and Kristy, a brother and sister pair who decided it was high time they got braces!!

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Brooklyn Invisalign Completion. Alexus is Extremely Happy!

Two years ago, Alexus came to our Diamond Braces office seeking an opinion about her teeth. She was examined by our orthodontists and advised to undergo treatment for crowding and cross bite.

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Diamond Braces at Audubon Ave, New York

Diamond Braces is happy to offer quality Braces and Invisalign treatments to patients at its Audubon Avenue office in Manhattan. We are happy to offer competitive prices and top-level service. Diamond Braces is committed to ensuring access to orthodontic treatment to all.

Our patients include adults and children with various orthodontic problems. We customize a treatment approach to fit each patient’s situation and schedule. For that reason, we accept all insurances. If you don’t have insurance, we will work with you to find an affordable solution.

All of our consultations and second opinions are complimentary.

At our Audubon Avenue office we’re right in the middle of the world Mad Men made famous, even if many of those advertising offices have moved into other neighborhoods. Still, quite a few of them are still around. Between the advertising industry and the amazing shopping to be found all around us it is little wonder many of our patients who live and work close to us want beautiful smiles as quickly as possible. As orthodontists, we’re proud of the way we can fit our services into the New York City lifestyle.

Stress in the New York City

Did you know chronic stress can have a negative impact on your oral health? We may love New York City, but it’s no secret living here can be stressful. In fact, CNN Money named New York as the most stressed out city in the nation. This means you might have to be a bit more vigilant about your oral health than someone who lives out in the country.

Having teeth which are properly aligned makes a huge differences.

Braces and Invisalign are more than a cosmetic fix.

It’s easier to clean teeth which are straight, which means it’s much easier to keep tooth decay at bay. After all, it’s hard to reach every tooth in a crowded mouth when you’re trying to brush or floss.

An orthodontist may not help your stress, but we can make life a little easier all the same.

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