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Our Glowing Customer Reviews

579 reviews

Rendon Bros

Diamond Braces office in North Bergen is a great place to take your children for their orthodontics procedures. It’s been two years and my daughter completed her treatment. We are so excited to see the amazing results. The Dentists and staff are so very kind and helpful. They are also very professional. The office is new and very clean. I’m a patient myself and i can’t wait to complete my treatment😬. Thank you Diamond Braces for exceeding my expectations.

2 months ago

Joanna Ramirez

I’ve had a very pleasant experience at diamond braces. They made my treatment experience as best possible. Clifford, my ortho assistant was great! He was very patient, and made sure everything was perfect during each visit. Overall, great work! Highly recommend!

2 months ago

Dawnee Hicks

The experience was painfully yet worth it. My experience was kind of awkward but they helped me through. Especially with picking all the colors and them walking me through the process of having braces. The doctors are fun, nice and friendly. Its been 2 yrs and now my braces are removed my smile is Amazing!!! yayyyy👏👏. THANK YOU DIAMOND BRACES

2 months ago

George Boules

I checked my teeth after I finished it was perfectly straight. The front seat was always nice and kind. The assistants were always nice.

2 months ago


I am a current patient at Diamond Braces-north Bergen. The place is spacious and clean! The staff is really friendly and will help if you need any help. They truly care about their patients. Update: I just got my braces off and the staff as always was very friendly. The treatment was speedy and painless. The dentist cleared all my doubts. I'm happy with my new smile!

3 months ago