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Diamond Braces is proud and honored to be in the top 1% of orthodontists and Invisalign providers in the nation. We are a premier provider of orthodontic services for children and adults in the Tri-State area.

We do accept all insurance plans and offer convenient weekend and evening hours.

Why Choose Diamond Braces?

✓ Top 1% Experienced Invisalign Orthodontist
✓ Diamond Braces ONLY specializes in orthodontics, we are not a general practice
✓ We do accept all insurance plans and offer low monthly payment options
✓ Offices across the Tri-State area with convenient evening and weekend hours
✓ Lifetime Smile Guarantee

Real Patient Reviews

“Great Staff and very good place if someone is looking to improve his or her smile and to get Invisalign or braces. This is the place to be if someone has issues with the smile.”
– Jezebel, Hackensack Office

Case Studies: Before and After Orthodontic Treatment

Case studies on real Diamond Braces patients offer information regarding the cost, length, dental problems, insurance information and even doctors’ notes on specific cases. Because each patient has his or her own unique set of teeth, orthodontic treatment is, of course, always customized to that particular patient. Because of this, we chose each case specifically to show you the wide scope of dental problems and treatment options along with varying treatment costs, lengths and other information. No matter how severe a situation, patients always obtain a perfect smile in the end. Check out all our cases here to see if one might closely match your unique situation.

Learn More About Orthodontic Treatments

Orthodontics is an elite branch of dentistry that corrects teeth and jaw problems. Misaligned bites, tooth structure and crooked teeth not only affect your self-confidence, but they can also create a multitude of problems including tooth decay, gum disease and stressed chewing muscles. Specialists in this field are certified orthodontists who implement appliances, such as traditional metal braces and clear alignment-retainers like Invisalign, to resolve and prevent these dental issues from occurring. In this website, we have compiled some educational information regarding orthodontic treatments. Below are two pages that explain this topic in more detail.



Invisalign is a common form of orthodontic treatment that features a series of customized, clear alignment-retainers specific to an individual’s mouth. Each set of aligners is designed to slightly and eventually position teeth into proper position. With each further visit and subsequent new set of retainers, teeth will slowly position until a perfect smile has been achieved.



Braces are the most common form of orthodontic treatment. They are used by orthodontic specialists to accurately and correctly position each tooth to create a proper bite alignment and perfect smile. Common types of braces are metal and ceramic. Each has its specific advantages and disadvantages. Find out more about each type and which type suits you best.

We have created thousands and thousands of smiles using the Invisalign and braces systems. Being in the top 1%, our highly experienced orthodontists know the Invisalign and braces treatment modalities inside and out. You can see the successful results of our past patients who have been treated using Invisalign. By coming in for a consultation, you are placing your teeth in the care of professionals who are committed to bringing out your best smile at a very reasonable cost.

Our staff use the latest equipment and methodologies to help our patients to obtain their dream smiles. We have created thousands of happy smiles for both children and adults during our career, making us one of the most experienced orthodontic providers in the nation. Our work is always backed by our lifetime guarantee.

Are you looking for more in-depth information regarding orthodontic treatment? We at Diamond Braces worked very hard to provide the public with accurate, informative material regarding a variety of orthodontic treatments. We know that every person has his or her own unique smile and teeth. Therefore, there is no one-size-fits-all scenario for orthodontic treatment. Each case will have to be analyzed by your orthodontist, who will further explain your orthodontic situation and the available treatment options. Click here to set up a free consultation. Check out more case studies here, where you can sort by the type of braces (metal, Invisalign and ceramic).

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