Patient Testimonials

Diamond Braces is committed to providing affordable and high-quality orthodontic care to children and adults. We are one of the most experienced orthodontic providers in the Tri-State Area. Please call us to have any questions answered or to schedule a complementary consultation. Our staff is always happy to answer any questions or concerns that you may have. Watch the video below to see what real Diamond Braces patients think of us.

Real Patient Interviews

Braces Excitement!

Shiny Teeth Indeed!

Braces are Bravery

Invisible Braces Work Best!

Braces Off Feel Great!

Healthy Teeth in Hackensack!

Transformed Smile!

Braces Can Be Fun!

A Smile to be Admired

New Beginnings at Avenue U

A Real Family Affair

Mohamed Is Proud to Smile

Halfway to Victory!

A Wide Grin is a Happy One

An Excited Smile!

Beginning with Braces!

Sisters bonding in clifton

Sisters Bond with Braces!

A Simple Start

Success in Staten Island!

Spring Valley Straightens Out!

Well Cultivated Smile!

Smile for Staten Island

A Wonderful Warranty!

Amazed in Astoria