Alexandria is So Happy with Her Smile Thanks to Brooklyn Orthodontist

Patient Success Story: Alexandria is So Happy with Her Smile Thanks to Brooklyn Orthodontist

Two years ago, Alexandria came to our Diamond Braces office at Church Avenue office, Brooklyn, NY seeking treatment for her “bad teeth”. When patients come with such perception about their teeth, we feel even more determined to treat them and give them a great smile. At twenty three, Alexandria is on the threshold of starting her life and career. It is important that she steps forward with confidence and self-esteem.

Dr. Moon took up her case and planned her complete treatment form bonding of braces to retention phase. She decided to go with the option of wearing metal braces and has been under treatment for the past two years. Now, she has come in for the removal of braces today and soon she will be free of her braces. She has taken great care of her braces and done everything to make sure her treatment would not be delayed by any reasons that she could control. Must have taken some grit to do so much along with her studies and job. We do understand how hectic life gets for youngsters who have so much on their plate already. Alexandria is a great example to our other patients and clients.

As a young lady with lots of dreams, Alexandria hopes that her new smile will help her get a better job. We agree with her. With the new vibe she exudes because of her new found self confidence and self-esteem, we are sure she will floor her prospective employers and land a job that she truly will be great at. She was referred by her insurance provider to Diamond Braces. We accept all insurance plans and also provide flexible payment plans to people who do not have insurance. Our aim is to ensure no one goes back without a great smile from the Diamond Braces office.


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