Brayan is All Ready for His New Smile

Patient Success Stories: Brayan is All Ready for His New Smile

Sixteen year old Bryan is a junior in High school. He loves to play basketball and football. He visited our Diamond Braces office at 935 Allwood Road, Clifton, NJ 07012 and met Dr. Castranova as he wanted to get his teeth straightened. He was referred by his general dentist to Diamond Braces for orthodontic treatment. Initially, when he came in seeking treatment, we asked him to jot down the single most important outcome he was looking forward to after the treatment is completed and he answered, “Having a nice smile at the end of treatment.” That was around two years ago and today as he poses after his braces have been taken off, he is displaying a warm, confident smile that actually proves that his dream of having a nice smile at the end of treatment has come true. Bryan, as we told you, we always deliver on our promises!

Bryan will go home a very happy teenager today and he will be moving onto the retention phase of his treatment under the superb care of Dr.Castranova. He promised to wear retainers after his orthodontic treatment as instructed and super excited about his new smile. We are sure that Bryan will continue to follow all instructions and take good care of his oral hygiene. He has been a diligent person when it comes to helping the doctor to ensure your results are as planned by sticking to all the routine oral care measures perfectly. As far as Bryan is concerned, we are looking forward to seeing him go on to achieve great success in his life. According to Bryan, Diamond Braces is a great office for braces and Invisalign in the Clifton and New Jersey area. We agree with you Bryan! We sure hope to see some guys on your team walking in to have their smiles fixed by Diamond Braces.


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