Congratulations Maria on Achieving a Beautiful Smile

Patient Success Story: Congratulations Maria on Achieving a Beautiful Smile
For a typical middle schooler, having metal braces are a common aspect of his or her daily life.  For Maria, a 12 years old  7th grader who has a passion for basketball, and who underwent comprehensive orthodontic  treatments just like most her peers, the two year metal braces time of  treatment proved to be life changing for Maria. Dr. Palaganas, examined  Maria’s records such as X rays and photographs. At the initial examination, Maria was diagnosed moderate to severe overbite, crooked and overcrowded teeth and her dental hygiene had to be improved. A braces treatment at our Diamond Braces, Staten Island, NY location not only provided Maria with her picturesque smile, but educated her on proper dental hygiene that, hopefully.  would last a lifetime.
    Dental health and hygiene is the foremost tale tale sign of a person’s overall health. Poor dental health can affect your overall health in numerous detrimental ways.Crooked teeth can adversely affect your health, stretching beyond dental health and the rest of your body. The plaque and bacteria buildups on the teeth and under the gums could lead to a periodontal disease which can enter a persons bloodstream and travel to the arteries in the heart contributing to  atherosclerosis, this in turn increases the chances of heart attacks or strokes. Respiratory infections and diabetic complications can also be due to poor dental hygiene.  In addition, crooked teeth create a difficulty for cleaning, and promote tooth wear. The decay of tooth enamel causes sensitive teeth, and improper chewing habits. In addition to the health hazards, a crooked smile leads to bad breath, and damages a persons overall self-esteem and happiness.  Having beautiful straight teeth like Maria can extend far beyond a beautiful and confident smile. Straightening her teeth will significantly affect her dental health in a positive way. Proper tooth alignment encompasses proper gum fit around the tooth, creating a stronger and healthier defense against potential periodontal problems. Maria is now a radiant, happy seventh grader with a beautiful smile that speaks a thousand words.


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