Edrian is Getting Hollywood Smile

Patient Success Story: Edrian is Getting Hollywood Smile

Edrian finally got her metal braces and is super excited to have started on a journey of getting a Hollywood star like smile, which we think she already has. She visited our Ave U Brooklyn NY location office to know if her overlapping teeth can be given a proper shape and give her the confidence to smile wide without being conscious of her unpleasant looking overbite teeth. We took a careful look and decided on giving her the metal braces as the initial step in giving her the smile she dreams to have.

Edrian was cooperative during the whole process and seemed very comfortable with the braces. Because of the overlapping teeth she faced a number of issues day in and day out and wanted everything to go perfectly now and so we explained her the entire method and she listened to it patiently. We told her that keeping her teeth clean and following the stated instructions is extremely important for her to make this all work. She looked determined to follow the plan.

As part of the treatment, Edrian was handed over a package which contains everything she would need to keep her teeth healthy and problem-free until she visits us next time. She is supposed to come every 4 weeks and she knows it.  At each office visit, our Doctors will examine how much difference the braces have made on her teeth and then decide on taking the next steps. At the end of active orthodontic treatment, Edrian will be given upper and lower retainers to keep her teeth in place to avoid any potential shifting of her teeth in the future. We will make sure that Edrian gets Hollywood smile. What Edrian needs to do is go out and enjoy every moment of this new experience where soon she will say goodbye to overlapping, crooked teeth and shine on with her new, bright and happy smile. Thumbs up to that spirit!



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