Emily Just Got Her Braces! Congratulations!

Patient Success Story: Emily Just Got Her Braces! Congratulations!

Don’t we all dream about being perfect just before an important milestone in our lives? That is what 11 year old Emily wants for herself. She wants to be able to go to high school feeling confident and healthy with a beautiful smile. And that is what Dr.Oleg Drut at our Hackensack, NJ office has promised to deliver. The staff is so excited to be a part of something so important in Emily’s life and all efforts are being made to make sure all necessary information and instructions are provided to Emily and her parents to make sure her treatment goes according to plan. She will be wearing her metal braces for about two years. If she complies with all the care instructions recommended by Dr. Oleg Drut and turns up diligently for all her follow up appointments, she will be flashing her new smile even before  as she enters high school so she will become Ms. Perfect Smile in the high school contest.

Emily came in with teeth that were “sticking out” or protruding. The staff under the expert guidance of Dr. Drut made models of her teeth and studied her x-rays. Careful clinical examination was conducted in detail and a treatment plan was designed to address major issues like crowded teeth and severe deep overbite. Keeping all the factors like her growing jaws, status of permanent and milk/deciduous teeth/dentition, gum condition and other factors like budget, frequency of visits that she could manage; Dr.Drut offered her a few treatment options. Emily and her parents decided that the option of metal braces suited them best and Dr. Drut then went ahead with preparing a customized, step wise treatment protocol for Emily. Now, that Emily is done with the initial phase of pre braces procedures, her metal braces have been fixed on her teeth. It is just a matter of time before she is ready to be done and dusted with her braces and walk into that high school with her perfect smile.


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