Joanna is Thrilled Her Braces are Off!

Patient Success Story: Joanna is Thrilled Her Braces are Off!

Joanna is one of those rare patients who says she actually misses her braces! Wow, that is a first. She has been under the care of our expert orthodontist, Dr. Castranova for the past two years at our Diamond Braces office in Avenue U, Brooklyn, New York. She came to get treated for her open bite and protruding teeth that she was not very happy about. She opted to go in for metal braces and was always enthusiastic and excited about what color elastics she could choose next for herself. She is very creative and we were surprised at how well she was able to manage her braces and make them look really nice! It was our absolute pleasure to have such a wonderful patient like Joanna.

Joanna is 15 years old and studies in the tenth grade at the Cultural Academy for Arts and Sciences. She loves to dance, sing and act. She was conscious about the way her teeth jutted out and was unhappy about her smile. Dr. Castranova listened to all her concerns and gave her in-depth information about how the treatment would help her and change her smile for the better. The fact that she stuck to all the instructions that were given to her is an important part of her success story.

 Now that Joanna’s treatment is over and her braces are off for good, she says, “I am very pleased with the treatment. My teeth are straight and I can smile a lot, with a lot more confidence.” Well, isn’t that the thing all orthodontists want to hear from their patients? The joy and confidence that a patient exudes once the treatment is completed is exhilarating. Joanna is going to start her retention therapy now and we hope she will be done with it soon. Three cheers Joanna! Keep smiling!


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