Lasheakwa Got Her Million Dollar Smile! Did You?

Patient Success Story: Lasheakwa Got Her Million Dollar Smile! Did You?

Lasheakwa, a twenty three year old biology student was referred by her dentist to our Church Avenue, Brooklyn, NY orthodontic office. She came in with a severe anterior open bite that was esthetically and functionally unacceptable. A detailed history about oral habits like thumb sucking, tongue thrusting etc. was collected. A thorough clinical evaluation was conducted by Dr. Santana and Dr. Moon and impressions and x-rays were recorded the team of orthodontists designed a custom treatment plan for Lasheakwa. The staff explained all the options to her with all the pros and cons and Lasheakwa decided to go for the metal braces. All the instructions regarding maintenance of braces, oral hygiene and gum massage etc. were given to her and she followed everything religiously. Her co-operation played a major role  in ensuring that the results were exceptional.

Over a period of two years, Lasheakwa has transformed into a confident, young woman who just can’t stop smiling. In her own words, she feels more confident and beautiful while talking and smiling. Making a positive difference in people’s lives is what the doctors and staff at Diamond Braces do best and it really gives them immense joy and satisfaction. Lasheakwa has personally thanked all the staff members for motivating her and explaining everything to her in a clear, concise manner which helped her to understand her role in the treatment process better.

An anterior open bite is pretty challenging to treat orthodontically alone and without the surgery, yet Diamond Braces orthodontic team has made sure that Lasheakwa received the best care and guidance throughout the two years that she was under his/her care and this helped her to avoid surgery. Her job is now to wear her retainers as instructed to prevent any relapse and take good care of her oral hygiene. The “new” Lasheakwa with the gorgeous smile is ready to take on any challenges. Her braces are off and her smile is ready!


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