Maria Gets Her First Invisalign Tray

Patient Success Story: Maria Gets Her First Invisalign Tray

Maria always wanted to improve her existing smile and to have a perfect smile. She is a 31 year old Nurse and as all adults, had her own apprehensions about having metal or clear braces. She recently got to know about invisalign and decided to find out more. She came to Diamond Braces Staten Island, NY office located at Richmond Ave as she knew that we are the best in the field and the most experienced invisalign provider in the Tri State area. She met Dr. Cohen, who explained all that she needed to know about invisalign and he gave her the option of going for comprehensive treatment with invisalign or braces. Maria chose to go with invisalign due to certain advantages such as aesthetic and comfort and our staff completed all the formalities to start her treatment.

Maria has class I malocclusion with crowding of her teeth in the upper and lower arches. She has an anterior cross bite with respect to her upper right lateral incisor. Since no extractions are required in her case, her treatment is expected to last only 12 months and then she can go on to the retention phase of her treatment. She is highly excited to begin her treatment towards achieving her dream smile. She eagerly listened to all the oral hygiene care instructions provided by our staff and clarified all her doubts regarding care and use of the invisalign trays.

She came in to get her first set of trays and looked extremely pleased to be starting with her treatment. In adults, it is very important to do an initial evaluation of the teeth, surrounding bone, gum condition and general periodontal status before starting any orthodontic treatment. Maria’s oral condition was conducive for treatment and x rays were taken and photographs were made before her impressions and trays were fabricated.

We are very happy to have this beautiful lady as our patient and hope to live up to all her expectations. We cant wait to see her smiling!


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