Medley Has His Teeth Straight at Diamond Braces

Patient Success Story: Medley Has His Teeth Straight at Diamond Braces

Medley is a dashing young man. He is 12 years old and loves playing football in his free time. He is a smart guy who likes studying Math. His dad brought him to our Diamond Braces office at Church Avenue, Brooklyn, NY. Medley was initially not very excited about getting braces. Dr. Moon took up his case and explained all the details and made him understand how it would help him in the long run. Medley slowly started warming up to the treatment and ended up wearing his braces for three years and taking very good care of his braces.

After the initial hesitation, Medley was a very involved and enthusiastic participant in his treatment and would always come up with interesting questions for our staff. No wonder he says his favorite place in our office was the waiting room! Now that his braces are finally off, we surely are going to miss the warm camaraderie that we shared with Medley. He is very happy with the results and could barely hide his excitement while we were removing his braces. In fact, his exact words when he finally saw his new smile were, “people will walk by and say, I look good”. Well, we are with you on that Medley!

Sometimes younger kids do get bored when the treatment is complicated or prolonged. It is up to us to make sure they do not lose interest and our duty to provide some support and guidance to help them stay on course. We offer different colored elastics and allow the children to choose what colors they want each time they come in for their appointments and the excitement needs to be seen to be believed. Medley also showed interest gradually and finally just take a look at this young man! He is going to surely rock his new look


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