Mohamed Is Proud to Smile

Patient Success Story: Mohamed Is Proud to Smile

It is always a pleasure and privilege to treat someone from our own professional fraternity. It not only means that we have a good name among our own professional circle, but it also means that our work is recognized to be truly great and trustworthy. When our colleagues recognize us as the team to provide treatment for them, it is a matter of pride and joy for us. Mohamed is from Egypt and and in his country he was a dentist. Now in US he is studying hard to get his dental license, and while studying, he loves to work as an orthodontic assistant. His dream is to become on orthodontist here in US. He chose the Diamond Braces office in Avenue U, Brooklyn, New York to get his orthodontic treatment from and he does not regret, as you can see from the photo here.

Mohamed is 26 years old and has a lot of knowledge about orthodontic treatment. Dr. Oleg Drut was his treating orthodontist and he suggested that Mohamed could opt for metal braces. Mohamed agreed and was very efficient at following all the instructions. His treatment took just only 9 months and now, he has come in for removal of the appliances! Some people have all the luck in the world and their orthodontic treatment is completed in a jiffy without a hitch! He had crowding of teeth with an open bite and a missing upper lateral incisor. Even with so many challenges, Dr. Drut designed a very efficient and simple plan that worked wonders for Mohamed. This is possible only when your doctor has many years of expertise and experience under his belt and Dr. Drut is definitely one of the finest orthodontists available in New York.

Immediately after the debonding procedure was completed, Mohamed wanted to personally thank Dr. Drut for his wonderful results and treatment. Mohamed believes that he can smile more and he became happier and more confident because of what Diamond Braces has done for him. We, as always wish him all the best and are thrilled for him.


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