Stephanie Happy with the Jersey City Orthodontic Office

Patient Success Story: Stephanie Happy with the Jersey City Orthodontic Office

Stephanie came to our Diamond Braces, Jersey city, NJ office after facing utter disappointment and dissatisfaction with her orthodontic treatment experience at another place. At 26, she was apprehensive about undergoing another round of treatment with braces. Dr. Arianna Papasikos took her under her wings and gently dealt with all her apprehensions and doubts. She studied her case in detail and suggested the corrective measures that could be incorporated in Stephanie’s treatment plan. She asked Stephanie to have patience and promised her that she would do her best for her.

Stephanie is a student and also works as an assistant for Chase Bank. The state of her smile was a genuine concern for her. We have a lot of empathy for patients who come in with issues after having undergone one round of orthodontic treatment. These cases can be difficult to treat and the emotional and mental trauma that the patient has to deal with is another aspect of botched up treatment. Sometimes, the malocclusions are worsened and some changes achieved could be irreversible. The best way to avoid such situations is to make sure you go to a professionally licensed and qualified orthodontist. You should also thoroughly research their experience, success rates and credentials. Seek 2-3 opinions from different orthodontists and then make a decision. Make sure your doctor is working from a free standing orthodontic facility and not moonlighting from a general dental office. Always seek two or even three opinions when looking for a real orthodontist

Today, Stephanie came in to the office to have her braces removed and she is over the moon. We are so glad to see her so happy and excited. Stephanie is extremely pleased with the results and had these special words for us, “I love Diamond Braces and thank you so much for working together to finally make my smile beautiful!!. You guys are amazing. Love, Stephanie.” Well, we love you too Stephanie and look forward to getting done with the retention phase of your treatment now.


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