This Biology Major Loves Her Smile Created By Diamond Braces

Patient Success Story: This Biology Major Loves Her Smile Created By Diamond Braces

Tatianna is a twenty year old Biology major at CUNY CSI and she also works as a cashier at Panera bread. When she told her general dentist that she wanted her smile to be more confident, she was immediately asked to go meet the orthodontic experts at Diamond Braces. She promptly came and met doctors orthodontists specializing in correction of her bite at 2848 Church Ave location in Brooklyn NY because she liked the hours and convenience. Now, after 2 years and 3 months of treatment at Diamond Braces, Tatianna feels it was one of her best decisions. She is very pleased with the outcome of her treatment and feels the staff and doctors have really given her a smile that she only dreamt about earlier.

Like many of our patients, she too enjoyed the process of picking and choosing different colors for her ties and elastics. She loves her new smile and feels her confidence has soared after the treatment. We are thrilled to bits to hear her positive feedback and it is really motivating to hear about the difference we are able to make in someone’s life by doing our work honestly ad sincerely.

The warmth extended to Tatianna and all our patients stems from the fact that we are as grateful to them as they are towards us. It is their support and kind words that helps us to continuously strive to do our best. Tatianna was an ideal patient and would follow all instructions about oral hygiene and care. When the patient is cooperative, our job becomes easier and results achieved are also better and faster. Any small issue due to patient non-compliance can delay the progress and extend the treatment time. Therefor it is very important that the patient understands the importance of the role they play in their treatment. Tatianna was a breeze to work with and she was always on track. Now that she feels she will have a more confident approach to life, we wish her all the best!


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