Twins are Happy and Smiling!

Patient Success Story: Twins are Happy and Smiling!

Eighteen-year-old twin sisters, Devon and Tatum are no stranger to orthodontists. Their grandfather is a retired orthodontist. So, again, it is a matter of pride and joy for us to treat someone who is related to our own fraternity. Both the girls were getting their treatment done by our orthodontist par excellence, Dr. Oleg Drut at our Diamond Braces Office at 17 Summit Avenue, Hackensack, New Jersey. Both the sisters are very happy with the outcome of their treatment and are looking forward to get done with the retention phase of their treatment.

 It is always fun to watch siblings try to outdo each other and motivate each other to meet their treatment goals. Both Devon and Tatum work great together. Both have similar hobbies like reading and enjoy listening to Taylor Swift. They also spend time by running and shopping together. Isn’t it great to have a twin? At least, these girls made us think so! They used to come in together and it was nice to watch the camaraderie that they shared. They both stuck to all the care instructions given to them and would ask appropriate questions whenever they had any doubts. Both of them were excellent patients and follow instructions precisely.

Both the girls have beautiful smiles now and their picture speaks a thousand words. They were a joy to treat and we are hoping someday, they will choose their grandfather’s profession and follow his footsteps to become great orthodontists! Anyway, whatever profession they choose, we are sure they will do great and win over everybody with their sparkling smiles. Devon and Tatum, it has been an absolute pleasure to have been the preferred partner for providing orthodontic treatment for the two of you. Seeing is believing and now that your much improved smiles can be seen by everybody, we are sure they believe us when we say that we truly create beautiful smiles!


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